Tom S.

I was referred to Dr. Baumgartner a few years ago. He first replaced my upper denture with a better looking and functioning upper denture that improved my ability to eat. After losing most of my remaining lower teeth due to heredity, Dr. B sent me to an oral surgeon specializing in difficult implant patients. After they consulted and agreed that collectively they could give me the dental school ‘perfect bite’, I proceeded with the surgery and with Dr. B’s expertise in implant appliances, I can now eat everything I like without worrying about breaking a tooth, losing a cap, or my denture falling out. It was a long process, but Dr. B and his staff kept me positive and on track. Also, my bite is now perfect, as predicted, for the first time in my life! I even enjoying smiling again! Going out to eat is now fun again. If I had to rate Dr. B and his staff it would be 11 out of 10. I highly recommend their office.