Jacqueline V.

I usually hate going to any dentist but Dr. Shimada is like the tooth fairy… not the one who takes your teeth and replaces it with a dollar, but the kind that fixes it to feel better and new again! I had sharp pains every time I ate because a fill broke and my original Prosthodontist is in San Jose. A friend recommended her so I called and booked an appointment right away.

When I got there parking was a bit confusing but if you do it once, you will get the hang out of it. I filled out the normal paperwork, the tech took me in to take an x-ray, then I saw Dr. Shimada! She asked me a few questions, examined the x-rays, explained what she say, then looked at my problem tooth. She is so friendly and has good bedside manners. She and her assistant did not rush me or make me feel like a “number” so I appreciated it. The best part is she is so skilled with her hands! I am usually a nervous wreck in the exam chair but her steady hands gave me confidence to get that numbing shot. After a few moments of prodding and drilling noises, she took out the broken fill and gave me a new one that no longer hurt when I bite!

The numbing wasn’t too bad either, I was able to eat a cookie a hour later… All in all, a really good experience and I would recommend her because she has such good bedside manner and the knowledge to take care of your teeth problems. Fear no more, come to her 🙂